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Welcome to the Loon Family

People of Loon Paddle Company

At our core we're a small, family company. A classic father-and-son team, plus one life-long hanger-on who just happened to also be a stalwart designer and self-indulgent copywriter. Add in a friend or two — and some very understanding spouses — and you have the entirety of what Loon is: a tight-knit team trying their best to create quality products that help people get out and discover nature. 

Born on the lakes of Wisconsin, thousands of miles from the ocean surf, Loon has continually focused on the specific considerations and needs of the flatwater paddler. Our boards are designed to provide a hearty helping of stability and agility, while also providing enhanced tracking capabilities required to cover distance on inland waterways.

As the world gets busier and busier, and the vast open areas we once enjoyed seem to be getting smaller and smaller, there is still one clear respite — water. You probably don’t have to go far to find an overlooked river or lake. What many only see as a nice view (and sadly, what many more overlook completely), also provides a unique opportunity for escape and enjoyment to those with the right tools and the enthusiasm to explore the wonders of the world around them.

We're eternally thankful for these adventurous souls. For people who believe in the all-encompassing experience of nature. Not only do they make what we do possible, they make it worth it. Nothing makes us happier than being able to play a small part in these adventures.


— Ryan, Corey & Michael