Loon Red Sea 15 Ltr. Dry Bag
Loon Red Sea 15 Ltr. Dry Bag

Loon Red Sea 15 Ltr. Dry Bag

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Our 15 liter dry bag is the perfect paddle companion. It clips securely to your board, features a removable cross-body strap for independent carrying and a translucent sleeve for easy smartphone access.

Three-point Connection
Don't just wedge it under your front bungee! Each bag features three clips to fasten the bag directly to your board's front straps, allowing you to store additional gear with your bungees while your bag is safely secured over the top. The three-point connection also matches up perfectly with clips on our Feather Light Inflatables and their storage packs.

Easy Phone Access
Just slip your phone into the sleeve from inside the bag and you’ll be able to use your touchscreen while your phone remains safe and dry behind a clear barrier.

Multi-angle Beverage Holders
Each bag features two beverage holders, one for when the bag is upright and the other for when your bag is strapped to the board eliminating the need for an additional cup holder.