Pack Pump 12V DC Electric High-Pressure iSUP Paddle Board Pump with Multiple Nozzles


The Pack Pump was designed to streamline the inflation process for all types of inflatable stand up paddle boards, rafts and inflatable docks. Get on the water faster, no matter the location of your adventure, with a 12V DC vehicle plug that provides full inflation to a max of 20PSI in just a few minutes. Live your best lake life faster, easier and anywhere you want it with the Pack Pump and Loon iSUP boards.

The Pack Pump kit includes:

  • The Pack Pump with 12C DC vehicle plug
  • One pump hose, PLUS one spare hose
  • iSUP pump nozzle, PLUS one spare iSUP nozzle
  • Six additional nozzles for various inflation situations, PLUS a spare set of all six nozzles
  • Cinch bag for storage and transport