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Realtree™ Fishing Hi-Viz Feather Light 10'8" Inflatable Paddle Board

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Realtree™ brings their tried-and-true, patented camo technology to the water, exclusively through Loon Paddle Company — the only company officially licensed to use Realtree™ Fishing camo on paddle boards!

All of our Feather Light iSUPs use Dura-Fusion PVC Technology combined with a Drop Stitch Core to keep weight to a minimum, while retaining rigidity and lengthening overall lifespan. Without storage and transportation concerns, Feather Light inflatables let you access remote waterways and incorporate paddling into all of your outdoor pursuits. Loon boards will take you further for longer and get you one paddle stroke closer to living your best lake life.

Package includes:

Board, fin, high-pressure pump, carrying bag, 15L dry bag with phone window

What's it made out of?

"Landfill-resistant" Dura-Fusion PVC fuses two layers of PVC together to keep our Feather Lights stronger than the all-to-common single-layer boards, while also reducing the unnecessary bulk and material weight of standard double-layer boards.

Marine-grade Drop Stitch Core construction maximizes number of core strings per square inch creates a firm and stable foundation that won't warp like budget iSUPs.

Premium Inflation Valve is air tight, water tight and locks open for rapid deflation when packing up.

Deck Pad with Beveled Edges prevents lifting and tearing while providing extra grip, even when wet.


Length Width Thickness
10'8" 32" 4.75"
Board Weight Total Pack Weight
24lb 27lb

Every Feather Light Includes:


A double-action, high-pressure pump to get you on the water in a flash. When you're gone for the day and you've let the air out, simply reverse the pump and suck the last bits of air from your board. No awkward attempts at rolling up your board while there's still air in it.


A large pack to store and transport your board so getting to the water is simple. With adjustable backpack straps, exterior tie-downs to store a pump and three-piece paddle, and three D-rings to clip on the included deck bag.


A detachable, easy-on easy-off fin that allows for quick assembly and storage. The single, central fin box accommodates all standard paddle board fins for riders who want to further customize their experience.

Dry Bag

A smaller, 15 liter waterproof deck bag that clips to the deck of the board, or the board bag, for easy travel. It features a cross-body strap for independent carrying and a translucent sleeve for your smartphone, letting you use your touchscreen while your phone remains safe and dry.


1. Premium-grade inflation valve with airtight seal.

2. Brushed EVA deck pad provides extra grip while keeping it soft on your hands, feet and knees. Beveled edges prevent lifting and tearing.

3. 0.7mm layer of PVC fused to the Drop Stitch core during pre-production adds additional rigidity without excess weight.

4. Marine-grade drop stitch core maximizes the number of core strings per square inch making the board extremely ridgid at only 20 PSI, ensuring stability and hardboard-like performance.

5. 0.7mm rail seal PVC provides additional bracing for the core.

6. 0.7mm exterior PVC rail adds stiffness and acts as a bumper.




Stiffness of a board when inflated is key to how it performs on the water. Our drop-stitch technology maximizes core strings per square inch, locking in board shape and allowing inflation up to 20 PSI. This all combines to make our Feather Lights perform more like traditional hard boards.


Forget about dings, dents and drops assaulting your board. Not only is the exterior resilient to cosmetic damage, but the board's overall construction is protected through multiple layers of materials sealed with our fusion technology and formulated to guard against puncture and impact.


Inflatables are meant to be portable, but that means more than just rolling up, they need to be light. The same fusion technology that gives our boards a rigid shape and durable construction, eliminates redundancies in materials, creating a high-performance inflatable board weighing less than 20 pounds.